Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The ability to construct meaning from visual images and type

Road Signs

All over the world road signs are used to warn, inform and direct motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Road signs are widely understood by the generally public as they are simple and easy to read using a small selection of shapes that represent what information the sign is giving. Signs are regarded as visual metonym as the shapes symbolise a literal meaning e.g anything within a triangle is regarded as a warning. The signs in the picture are selected from various countries round Europe. The only differences to each other are the graphics vary slightly, slightly different colour schemes and the local language varies.
Airport Signs

Similar to the road signs these airport signs are universal all over the world, they communicate where different places are with simple symbols that are easily recognised by the majority of people. The colours of the signs are contrasting so that the images and symbols are recognisable from a distance and they are easily readable.

Logos and Branding

We live in a world full of company identities and branding, many companies just use simple symbols as there logo. Logos such as the gold M for McDonald's and the apple for Apple Macintosh are prime examples, they are so simple but instantly recognisable. Brands like this can have a direct impact on peoples lifestyles for instance people often buy Nike and Adidas clothing purely for brand and not the product itself.


Instructions can be found for most things nowadays, I came across these instructions for looking after your baby. The instructions include simple imagery showing what to do and what not to do, because the message is being portrayed through the set of visuals there is only need for text as the titles of the diagrams.

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