Sunday, 22 November 2009

Producing images that effectively communicate a message to an audience

Plane Stupid: Polar Bear

This advert is intended to shock the audience with very strong visuals of polar bears falling from the sky like rain, it is confronting the audience with the effects of short hall flights. The comparison between the weight of the polar bear and the amount of carbon emissions a short hall flight uses doesn't become clear until the end of the clip. The sound in the video is also relating to flying as its the sounds like an aeroplane when the polar bears are dropping out of the sky. It is understood that global warming has a direct affect on animals such as polar bears and it can be easily understood what they message is behind the video clip.

McDonald's Wi-fries:

This poster is part of how McDonald's advertised the free Wifi they offer in restaurants. The main focal point of the poster are the fries are arranged into a symbol that is often associated with wireless networks and Internet. Also in the poster the audience can associate the fries of McDonald's shaped in a Wifi symbol to mean that while they are eating they can use the Internet.

Sabina Stobrawe: Divorce Lift

I thought this piece of design was very cleverly crafted, as it is shows how affective a simple wedding photo and a set of lift doors can be to advertise your business. It is easy for people to see when the doors open and the couple split in half that this symbolises them splitting up. Then once in the lift the attention is averted to the sign for the law firm.

Green Peace- GM crops:

In this advert to raise awareness for GM crops they have decided to use images of vegetables (crops) shaped as insects. The message that they are trying to portray is that many things like insects, animals and viruses can be contained in genetically modified food. The images work well on there own but the text that is used to support the images is needed in order to portray the underlying message of the posters.

Agency: BBDO Moscow Brand: Greenpeace

Swiss- Swiss International Airlines:

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