Thursday, 14 October 2010

Indesign Type Session

Document set up in Indesign.

This exercise was to focus on the hierarchy on the page, learning how the eye works when looking at a page. My aim was to draw the audiences attention to the bottom left corner of the page, working there way to the right hand side hopefully diverting the attention to the word desperate before finishing on the left hand side of the page.

This exercise moved from using a simple sentence to a couple of paragraphs of text, the aim was to get your text to fit the column with your chosen type.

In each column thereafter the point size had to decrease by one but the text still had to fit the whole length of the column, this was achieved by increasing the tracking on the body of text. Once this was complete each row chose one persons 4 columns to be printed as this was to show the difference between how we view the text on and off the computer screen.
This was a similar exercise to the above but with the addition of either line spacing and indentation. Never use both.

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