Saturday, 15 October 2011

Post Tutorial and action plan

Post tutorial I have a lot to think about the main issues that came up are: 
  • Design Practice blog to be more thorough
  • Stop think and start doing (More Visuals)
  • Have 3 briefs clarified and visualised by the crit next Thursday
Having had a big brainstorm I gave more thought to my 'Adopt a word" brief, not having looked at in that much detail I focused on what it was that I wanted to get out of the brief. I went and spoke to Joe after my brainstorm session and it was made a lot clearer what I had to do, giving me a set of objectives that I am going to focus on.

Action Plan:

Brief 1: Cocktail App

- Icon for app
- Layout and menus
- How the app works (Clear images of how the app runs and various features)
- Content visualised (ingredients, drinks, glasses ect)

Brief 2: Bespoke bike catalogue

- Re-write brief
- Research print formats
- Ideas and concept

Brief 3: Adopt a word

- Logo/ brand ideas direction
Ideas for promotional material
- Define what the product range is

Brief 4: ISTD

- Research experimental books/ mags and various layouts
- Initial ideas and concept

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