Thursday, 10 November 2011

Endangered Languages

Gathering inspiration from Stephen Fry's Planet word Tv program on the BBC it got me thinking how I can refine my concept to come up with something more interesting than just adopting a word and paying money that will go to charity. 
Planet Word

On The Guardian the newspaper published a list of all the endangered and extinct languages on the planet. Other articles that I am going to include that I can start with as good references are Wikipedia and National Geographic

List from Wikipedia which categorises the countries within there specific continents. Originally I had the idea of choosing a country from each continent and raising awareness for people but from my mini crit with Ben and Aaron they suggested just choosing one and really focusing on what is in that language. 

Something important that I got from look into this is were there are 473 languages that are endangered of being extinct.

Info on endangered languages
List of endangered languages from Wikipedia

Map showering various areas round the world where languages are dying out.
National Geographic

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