Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Print Analysis Session

In this workshop we had to try and gain an understanding of the various print processes for our pieces of print that we were asked to bring in. We looked at the process, colours, stock, format, finishing, specials, target, cost band, quantity and competition.

The first item that we looked at was a
Ikea furniture manual, which was produced using lithography quite possibly web due to the volume of prints that would be distributed. The manual only includes the spot colour black at a low percentage, printed onto newsprint which is folded twice so that it is the size of an A4 page. Between our group we came to the conclusion that the product is aimed at Ikea customers primarily young adults who are looking to buy inexpensive quality furnishings.

The second item is a free CD-ROM from the monthly design magazine Creative Review. The print onto the CD case was done using
Flexography in the single black spot colour onto clear transparent film.The clear transparent film acts as a security seal situated at the opposite side to the hinges of the CD case. The CD is a freebie from the magazine, presuming the person brought the magazine, the CD would be aimed towards the readers of Creative Review.

Item number 3 is an American Apparel plastic bag produced using
Flexography due to the scale, if there was limited distribution then a process such as silkscreen printing could be more viable. Again the bag only contains a single spot colour of white, printed onto a plastic which has been sonic welded together and die cut for the handles of the bag. The bag has to be budget as American Apparel is a worldwide company and the bags will be distributed too there various stores. Similar to the CD, the American Apparel plastic bag is used when a customer purchases and item from there store. The likely audience is people that are customers in stores and other shoppers that might be attracted to the design of the plastic bags.

Item 4 is Action Time Vision newsprint, which was purchased from the Design Museum in London containing information and visuals on the 70's punk music era. The print is produced using lithography, using
CMYK printed onto newsprint when folded out it is the size of one broadsheet page. Apart from being sold in the Design Museum, the prints are possibly quite limited.

Item 5 is a Limited edition Esquire magazine, unlike the conventional magazines they publish this edition includes a canvas on board cover with both
Matt and gloss inside. On the cover there is foil block type with the image as a rich black. (Cyan or Magenta underneath to give the black a richer colour. The magazine is perfect bound with two folds on the cover to create a spine. We decided that the magazine aimed at mainly men interested in style and culture.

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